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MyBalsamiq permalinks in Balsamiq Cloud


That’s what I suspected. Thanks for the quick response. Balsamiq support is
always great!


You are very welcome. Bye for now!


Hi @ikranz ! Can you please tell me a bit more about how you use permalinks right now, and what for? It would help me design their new incarnation in Cloud.


Hi Peldi,
We use a wiki (Confluence) to document UX specifications and embed mockups
from MyBalsamiq by inserting permalinks to the wiki pages. This way, any
change done to the MyBalsamiq mockup is reflected automatically also in the
This has been very effective and saves a lot of work involved when
embedding images (png etc.) which need to be manually updated (export to
image, import image etc.).



Interesting! Have you considered at our Confluence plugin?


We are working with a lot of freelancers and it is not easy or necessary to share all the discussion with some of the guys outside our business. This will actually become one of the most important things in our transition from MyBalsamiq to Balsamiq Cloud.
BTW Love the Balsamiq Cloud already, hoping to make the transition soon :slight_smile:


Also I agree with Ikranz, We embed the Permalinks in a Google sheet and any changes are reflected to all parties which are actively engaging with the Mockups.


I just wanted to jump in here to say that we are absolutely tracking requests for this feature. If others would like to see this, please like or reply to this thread.



Another thing is when you implement permalinks from can you migrate the existing permalinks. It would be a big pain to update or notify all the users of the documentation or even emails which contain these permalinks.


That one would be harder, @Akshat_Arora, those image links are, which wouldn’t be valid in Cloud.

It’s something we can talk about, though. :slight_smile:


Hi there. How do I refer to a specific wireframe in the project within Balsamiq Cloud? I do not want to share the whole project just a very specific wireframe. I’ve used to use permalinks in myBalsamiq, but not sure what should I use now…? This was one of the most appreciated features of UX designers and consumers of the wireframes as well.


Hey @misoot,

While this isn’t something we do in Balsamiq Cloud yet, we are working on an awesome solution (you can read more about it here if you’d like). We don’t have a timetable for it as we have just started designing it, but we know it was important to folks, and we wanted to make sure to tell folks that we were working on it.

In the meantime, if you want to share a single mockup with someone, you can always send them an exported png. It’s a perfect workaround, and I’m sorry about that, but hopefully it’s good enough until we have something better.

I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you right now, but we totally hear you. This is something that a lot of folks are looking for, and we want to make sure we deliver an awesome solution. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

it would be great to have the permalink feature back in balsamiq cloud. I just have made a transition to a new company and i am missing it already.

Keep up the great work!


Hi guys,

We have been using myBalsamiq since 2013 and used the image permalink for including designs on a wiki. I know about the Atlassian plugin but we are moving away from anything Atlassian. Simply being able to create a design and add an image version of that to a wiki page (and always have it up-to-date) is golden!

I have read about the viewer that can be embedded, but to me this sounds like too much to be honest.




I use permalinks exactly the same way! I would love to see something along these lines in Cloud.


Linking to an image, whether by inserting a plaintext hotlink into a word document, a web-based text input field, or into an HTML href link (or other code), is wildly more versatile than an embedded project viewer will be. What about for content management systems or static portable documents where the content types are restricted? Image permalinks serve a variety of use cases and are dead simple. DON’T OVERTHINK THIS.


I just want to add my voice here. What you mention sounds interesting, but it will not solve many of our use cases. To be embedded it will need to run some iframe or some javascript or something. Many systems don’t allow this, for example we are using Github Issues, which will not allow any of that.

Permalinks to pictures are so powerful because they can be used anywhere! In any wiki, anything that allows image tags.

I agree with @beResonant don’t overthink this. You are underestimating how awesome direct permalinks to pictures were. I always used the desktop version (because of speed, better copy & paste support). But for many projects I used MyBalsamiq only because of this single feature.


Tangentially related, I’d like to see permalinks to individual wireframes with the Google Docs version of the application!


Image permalinks is the #1 feature we are missing after switching from MyBalsamiq to Balsamiq Cloud
It is the easiest way for us to embed mockups into Epics and User Stories

Please bring it back!


This is keeping our company away from Balsamiq Cloud as well. WE REALLY REALLY need image permalinks to be able to move away from myBalsamiq (which is really getting old, we are increasingly frustrated that we dont get any of the cool new features… since years as it feels).

Our clients use Confluence to document and collaborate on projects where all information is brought together. For our client and all of his providers it is not justifiable to discuss our mockups on a different platform.

So please please please prioritize this feature!

Kind regards from Germany