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Mybalsamiq: resize an "Icon and Text Label"


I want to enlarge an “Icon and Text Label” object keeping its proportions. I only seem able to enlarge the containing rectangle’s width. Am I doing something wrong?



Hi @Jim_S and welcome to our forums!

You’re right, trying to resize the control manually will only enlarge its selection area.

The icon can be resized using its size selector (XS to XXL from the property inspector) and the text size has to be separately defined, also from the property inspector.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you need any further information.



Thanks for reply and welcome. I was using Icon and Text Label objects to represent generic app icons where some of the apps are in development so don’t yet have icons. Hence I hadn’t assigned an icon from the drop-down list and the resize slider didn’t appear. Thanks to your help I’ll now choose a suitable generic icon from the list allowing me to resize.