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Navigation Bar buttons missing?


Hi guys, i’ve extremely new, as new as it gets, i’ve got a mockup i guess it’s called, published in our confluence but the navigation bar for this mockup literally only shows the name of the mockup and the full screen button. There are no up, down, left, right, or even a settings or information button UNLESS I go full screen, then they’re all there… im confused as to why they’re gone from the regular navigation bar when i leave full screen. it’s probably something stupid simple but i really know next to nothing about this.

I welcome any suggestions, Thank you for your time!

  • Mike

Cannot navigate through screens when viewing in a Confluence page

Hi @Lynkdead and sorry for the confusion with this.

It sounds like you’re using Mockups 3 for Confluence Cloud, right?

These are the default macro options, but you should see an option to edit the mockup too, as detailed here.

You can also define the starting mockup (and use multiple macros) or use the thumbnail grid view if you need to see all mockups at once.

We recently updated the macro to improve the performances of the app.

Hope this helps! We’ll be here if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


Hi Virgin, thank you for your response. So there is no way to restore the buttons on the navigation bar? Sorry this is new to me, im actually doing this on behalf of a user who’s having trouble with this. I guess the old Balsamiq macro had the arrows and other buttons on the navigation bar, now the new one just pretty much has nothing.

I need to know if its possible to restore those and how to do it if it is possible.
Thank you,

  • Mike


Sorry again for the hassle with this, @Lynkdead.

I can totally understand how useful these options are and we only decided to change it because people were experiencing performance issues (especially for pages that have multiple macros attached).

That being said, all the options should be one click away (via the Full Screen Presentation mode) and define the starting mockup should help too.

In case there is any specific feature that you (or your user) are missing, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help!


no worries Virgin, thank you for being so helpful. This should be sufficient to pass along to my user. Things have just changed apparently and he’ll have to adjust. Thank you for clarification!.

  • Mike