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Navigator Jumping


If I select the second lowest thumbnail on the navigator, the list of thumbnails jumps that one to the top. This means that I can no longer just move my mouse slightly higher up to go to the previous thumbnail (if for example I have chosen the wrong one). I can understand the logic behind doing this (if this was planned), but I’m sure you are at a minimum “breaking” FITTS’ law, creating an inconsistent UI and taking control out of my hands (all examples of bad UX).

I’m using v.3.999.499 --11/15/2017 on Windows 10


Hi @AJKock,

I’ve just checked and the second lowest thumbnail on the navigator does not trigger a jump on my end, only the last one does (which makes sense because it’s cropped). Tested both on Mac and Win10.

Would you mind sharing a screencast of the issue via
We want to make sure that the app behaves as it shoudl on your end too.


@Virgin Sorry, the last one. It jumps to the top, instead of just jumping completely into view.


Good news @AJKock, that’s how our new native editor works in Balsamiq Cloud so the next major Desktop version will include it!

Let us know if you need anything else. :slight_smile: