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Need to draw a shape and lines


I need to put a burn-down chart on my page, but this requires a few different line styles and some freehand-drawn shapes. I can get the lines by removing the arrowheads on the arrow object, but is there a way to draw a blob?


Not sure if there is a way to get a blob, @pixelpshr, but maybe the shape control will help you get close to that?

Let me know.


Which blob do you need?



If Balsamiq allowed us to create arbitrary polygonal shapes, I think something like the attached graphic would be easy. But, it requires polygons and polylines to work properly. (The black diagonal line is usually not straight.
As I said earlier, I worked around it by loading a raster version of the image.


It seems, your workaround is the easiest and the fastest way to solve your task, unless you are quite happy with a such basic view: