Nested symbols - break apart should break apart only the selected (parent) symbol

When I have nested symbols, I often want to break apart the parent symbol and leave the nested (or sub) child symbols alone.

At present, breaking apart a parent symbol, breaks apart the parent and its child symbols.

This makes it difficult to make changes (adding/removing) to/from a single child symbol and leave all other sibling symbols as symbols.

Hi @paulshoughton

I just ran through this to make sure I understand what you mean and I think I see what you are saying. Breaking apart a nested Symbol breaks apart all Symbols that are in that nested Symbol.

But you should still be able to make changes to a single ‘child’ Symbol - without affecting the other ‘sibling’ Symbols - by editing the source for that Symbol alone, no?

Hi @alasdair,

Yes. Breaking apart a parent symbol breaks apart all child symbols.

I can edit a symbol (either source or locally on an instance of that symbol) but symbols need to be broken apart when adding or remove components from the symbol. You can’t add components to an instance of a symbol. (Only the symbol source.)

You can’t add components to an instance of a symbol. (Only the symbol source.)

This - editing a single instance - is the part of your case I was missing @paulshoughton.

I’ve gone ahead and written up a ticket to capture this feedback. Thank you!

Hello again @paulshoughton

Our Engineering team has identified and fixed this so it will go out in a future release. Keep an eye on the Release Notes or, if you like, let me know and I can ping you when it goes out.

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Great news. I shall look forward to seeing this enhancement drop in the near future.