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New Combo Box Control


Just installed 3.3.5 but can’t seem to get the checkboxes or radio buttons to work in the Combo Box. I am using the same text as sample text in the checkbox group and radio button group, plus some of my own text. What am I doing wrong?

Here is the text in my combo box:

  • Please Select -
    Option One
    Option Two
    () Option Three
    (0) Option Four

not selected
- disabled-
- disabled selected-
- disabled indeterminate-
A row without a checkbox

(o) option 1 (selected)
( ) option 2
(-) option 3 (indeterminate)
-( ) option 4 (disabled)-
-(o) option 5\r(disabled and selected)-
-(-) option 6\r(disabled indeterminate)-
A row without a radio button

But this is what it looks like:



Hi @Keith_Brown,

Sorry for bringing the confusion to this one!

You can actually get checkboxes or radio buttons in the new ComboBox control by using the same notations than the one used in the Menu control:

“x” for a checkbox
"o" for a radio button
">" at the end of the row to have the > icon
"—" or “=” for menu separators
"-text-" to have disabled text

Sorry again, we’ll get the release notes changed to the correct information ASAP!

Thanks for the report. :smile:


Thanks, with the right notation, it works!


I tried this in v3.3.12 and it doesn’t seem to work:

Am I doing something wrong?



Hey @plivanos,

My bad! I used the quotations marks only to emphasize the notations. Removing them should work, as shown below:

Please let us know if you need anything else, Panos. We’re here and happy to help! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the prompt response :slight_smile: This makes sense - I just didn’t think of removing the quotes, duh…

However the x only shows a tick and I feel that an actual checkbox with an option to tick or untick would get the message clearer like this for example

Any plans to support such a thing yet?


We recently updated the ComboBox control to make it more powerful but in case you need to use more detailed checkboxes, I suggest using the Checkbox Group.

You can even combine multiple controls and group them, as shown below:

For this one, I used a Checkbox Group, Rectangle and ComboBox control.

Hope this helps @plivanos ! :slight_smile:


Thanks again. I’ll use that method instead - much appreciated.


I needed to add checkboxes to the dropdown just today! Thanks so much for anticipating me.


But here’s the thang: The notation in Checkbox Group and Radio Button Group ([ ], [x], ( ), (o) etc.) is not compatible with the one in Menu and ComboBox. Any plans to unify this? And on a side note: It’s not possible to have an entry like “O sole mio” in the new ComboBox - Escaping the “o” with a backslash does not work :wink:


Hi @PhilippQF,

You’re right, the notation is different and that is because those controls have different purposes. Checkbox Group and Radio Button Group controls offer more options since they are more specific.

Thanks for reporting the issue when trying to escape the “o” or “x” with a backslash, I’ve passed it on to the dev team and we’ll work on fixing it. Here’s a quick workaround for you in the meantime: you can use “{size:}o{size}” to escape it.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:




Just found one more bug: The character “>” is not displayed in the first line when it is the last character in that line.


Thanks for the report @PhilippQF, we’ll get it fixed too! This one is actually related to the previous one you found since those are the new notations we introduced recently in the ComboBox control.

I know it’s not ideal but in the meantime, the same workaround will work. :slight_smile:


An even simpler workaround: just add a blank at the end of the line :sunglasses:
Thanks as always!


You won the workaround contest :star: Philipp :star:! :smile:
Thank YOU for the continuous help.