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New Feature: new Presentation Mode UX

The full-screen presentation mode has been greatly improved.

It is a lot more powerful, while keeping the minimalistic look and feel. You can hide all of the chrome easily, and every setting can be controlled with a keyboard shortcut.

Check it out:

What do you think? How can we improve it?

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I have a couple of questions…

How to I access the menu options I can see in your screenshot? Either I am missing something really obvious, or it’s not available for me…

The other thing is the alignment in Full Screen mode. Wherever my mockup is positioned in normal mode, when I flick to Full Screen mode, it’s aligned right to the top of the window which doesn’t look quite right to me - see attachments. It would be great if it was centered, or at least had a buffer on all sides.

Hi Jess, we are quickly realizing that we made it way too hidden. If you hover over the top-left of your screen, you’ll see a little rectangle icon. Click on that (or hit the “T” key for toolbar).

Thank you - I see it!

What do you think about the mock-up alignment in Presentation mode?

Thumbs up for the “Zoom Out to Fit” option – this makes the feature usable for me! (Always needed to do PDF-based presentation in the past on lores beamers).

One thing: Would like to see the mockups centered in presentation mode. At the moment on a lores beamer (1024x768px) when using “Zoom Out to Fit” mockups are put into the upper left corner which looks crappy especially for small mockups (e.g. dialogs).

But besides this: Well done!

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One thing: Would like to see the mockups centered in presentation mode. At the moment on a lores beamer (1024x768px) when using “Zoom Out to Fit” mockups are put into the upper left corner which looks crappy especially for small mockups (e.g. dialogs).

Thanks @Sven, this is exactly the point I was trying to make - when I show a small mock-up on a large screen in a meeting room it looks a little odd when it’s in the top left.

Thanks for the additional comments. We’ve logged this, and will investigate!

Any idea when this alignment issue in fullscreen mode will be resolved? It was much better in previous versions. I’ve been working on a complex design of UX for a client and have met with them multiple times to show our design. Three weeks ago, fullscreen mode worked great and my mockups were centered horizontally and vertically, now they are top left aligned which has greatly diminished my presentation experience :frowning: I am running Balsamiq 3.0.8 on OSX 10.10.2 (have experienced the same issue in OS X 10.9.5).

Sorry for the trouble @Patty_Crain! We changed the behavior in version 3, actually in response to years of requests and feedback. The issue we had in v2 is that if your mockups were slightly different sizes, such as with variable heights, then it would jump all around in fullscreen mode. There was no anchor—each mockup was centered horizontally and vertically.

With version 3, we take the largest mockup in your project, and center that horizontally and vertically. That creates the anchor point for the top left corner. We display all other mockups with the top left corner matching the largest mockup. That way, navigation links don’t jump around, and it is a predictable experience.

I’m guessing that is the issue that you are running into, and that it’s not working out well for you. One thing you could do is to edit down your largest mockup, and maybe break it up over multiple mockups so that it’s not so large. That way, you could get the average size to be the largest and have a more consistent experience in fullscreen.

We’re hoping that once people learn this new way, it will be much better for them. We really appreciate hearing your feedback on it though!

Hm. I see how the alignment changes you’ve described would be helpful for mockups of different sizes. Each of my mockups follow a similar layout, with a browser element as the base and largest element and then several other elements/symbols layered on top. All are the same width and height (because they are symbols) and positioned at the same starting point (because I went through each one and made sure they matched so that the v.2 presentation would be flawless). One of my mockups is greater in height than the rest. If I’m understanding you correctly this largest mockup should be centered horizontally and vertically (and the rest would be relative which theoretically would work fine) but as you can see from these screenshots my largest mockup is not centered. . Is there some other functionality I’ve used that could be causing this? Locking elements or symbols? I would love to be able to resolve this before I present again this week :flushed:

Never mind I figured it out! There was an extra element off to the right on one of my mockups. How silly of me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Thanks @ben for your response and suggestions for how I might improve my mockups for presentation in version 3.

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Hi all,

Great news! We just released our latest official version (3.3.9) including our new Full Screen Project Centering Rules, as show below:

Thanks again for the request! :slightly_smiling:

You can get the new version (3.3.9) here:

And the complete release notes are here: