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New Feature proposal: Search for mockups


Hi (again) Balsamiq team :slight_smile:
Working on a large project that contains 60+ mockups I found myself needing to change something on all mockups that I had named “Delete XXXX” and I thought: wouldn’t it be cool if I could search for a mockup in a list and while typing the mockups shown below would dynamically repopulate so that I can then click and change the ones I need quickly?

For example

Let me know if that sounds reasonable - I think it would help speed up changes on big projects!



Hey @plivanos,

Hope you had a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

We’ve received some similar requests for our web app but I can totally see how useful this will be in your case. I’m adding it to our tracker and we’ll review it with the team.

As always, please let us know in case others would like to see this feature, it helps us prioritize the request.

Thanks for keep sharing your ideas, my friend!


+1 for the search for mockups.

My current project had over 200 mockups. It was extremely hard to navigate in it, so I’ve split it into two projects. But unfortunately it is not a solution for every project :scream:


+1 for the ability to search for text in a project.
My team typically includes text in the comments markup or the name of the mockup etc that is project relevant.
E.g. Reference to a feature number

It would be great if we could open up the project and search for the matching text.



I second this proposal, I think a search feature would be very useful in projects which contain a considerable number of mockups, or notes and texts.

If I may add another perspective on this - I would like to see the “search for mockups” feature in the “Link” property for buttons etc. In projects where there are a large number of mockups, having to scroll through the popup menu is a pain, unless the order of mockups is highly disciplined. With a search field at the top, entering some letters or a word would allow the list to be considerable reduced, would speed up the linking process and make it feel less cumbersome.


// Magnus


Suggestion confirmed.
It assists my earlier request to at least set the focus and visibility of the CURRENT SELCTED Mockup in both the Mockup list and the LINK Selector.

Regards, Berthold


I vote for this feature.

I lost in finding correct mockup too.

Also, can you link alternate version underneath such that will collapse and expand from this listing screen as well.

These two features make quite easy for us dealing with larger number of mockups.