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New feature request - Design window repositioning


On some of the larger controls like from the Common category of the library, the TEXT, CHECKBOX GROUP and RADIO BUTTON GROUP, there is mark-up code that can be used to bold, color, underline or strike out text.

The problem is that after adding these controls to the page, you double-click the control to open the design box and this box covers the control.

So, can you make the design box movable or simply have it open to the side so you can ‘preview’ what you are creating rather than closing and opening, closing and opening…?



Hey @Michael_Paparo,

Totally agree with you on this one! We’ve had this feature in mind for some time now, so it may be included in the next major version that we are preparing. Going native is a huge project so I can’t share any time frame for now, but we’ll share more news as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

Please keep the ideas coming, Mike! It helps us a lot.


Sure thing.