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New Features proposal


Hi there,
Here are features I would really have to use in the next version:

  1. A text area which includes a title> no need to add and group/ungroup 2 separate elements (Text area and Title)
  2. Text in text area: justify text option (I know there is an icon for that, but many customers understand better when it’s closer to reality)
  3. Text with hx: h1, h2, h3 > We could modify those elements faster on one mockup or all duplicated mockups
  4. the capability to add layers so that we hide, group, move and show elements faster

Thank you very much for Mockup which helps me to work faster and better…
Bruno S.


1 and 3 could be (partly) done with symbols:

  1. A combination of textarea with heading could be a symbol. It would still be two elements, but you don’t need to create both every time but just add it as a “symbol”.
  2. You can create a h1, h2 and h3 symbol and just modify the text when adding it - the size (and color, …) would remain the same.


Thanks for the ideas, Bruno (and thanks @heringsfilet for the assist).

As mentioned, there is a workaround for your first two options, and we can talk about enhancing text controls to conform to user-defined formatting rules. I don’t know if we will go that far with it because it does seem more advanced than what we usually would do, but we can talk about it.

I have also added your vote for Layers. That’s something we talk more about once the new versions of the apps ship. :slight_smile:

Keep the ideas coming @BS5660!


@heringsfilet > 3. Thank you very much!
@Brendan >1 & 2, it’s OK, I can manage without it.
4 (for layers), I think this is inevitable to work really, really faster and get a clear picture of elements’ positions.:slight_smile: