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New line characters in Windows


When I copy the text out from a component, such as a Tree Pane, and paste it into something like notepad the new lines don’t work (it all appears on one line). I presume this is because Mockups is using just newline characters (not carriage return and newline characters), because it’s based on a non Windows format of text. Copying text out is useful for emailing or spell checking, so it would be nice if the newlines were preserved. I’m using Mockups 3.5.5.


Hi @AlexH,

Sorry for the hassle with this one. You’re right, we’re seeing the same issue here.

The good news is that it should be solved in the next major release of our Desktop version, which will be native (no more Adobe Air needed). No ETA for it yet but we’ve just started the beta version for our web release. :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you need anything else, we’ll be here to help!


will ‘…the next major release…’ include spell check? that would solve a lot of issues


Hi @DonO ,

While it probably won’t be included when we launch our native version, this one is very much on our roadmap for the future. I’m adding your vote for it to help to prioritize it.

Thanks for sharing your need!