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New Symbol Library tutorial as OPTION


When creating a new symbol library it seems to ALWAYS populate with the tutorial “This is a Symbol Library”.

I know that… I have been using Balsamiq for several years now. Could I please have an option so I could avoid this tutorial, which really belongs to a first time start, or a visual guide.

After all, default in MS Word is not to create a 5 page document with bells and whistles, but to create a BLANK page.

It’s a good idea to have this, but please let me tick off somewhere “do not create sample symbols”.

(yes, I know I can just mark-delete them, but still… )


Just added your request in our tracker, @hsatech! Thanks a lot for taking the time to suggest this one, we’ll discuss it with the team. :slight_smile:


I agree.

I would be okay with it being created for the first symbol library added into a file and not subsequently. (Most mock-ups I create are from a small number of template files with lots of symbols/libraries already created. So I wouldn’t see it in those files when adding new libraries.)