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New user; noticing a couple bugs with Fullscreen and Hotkeys



When I go to fullscreen, the toolbar is hidden slightly by the Mac menu bar; is there any way to prevent this?

Also, the hotkey for moving to the previous open Balsamiq window ( ⌘< ) seems to be conflicting with the hotkey to show/hide the details pane ( ⌘, ); is there a way to change these hotkeys?


Hi @jessew,

Thanks for the email! This is very curious as, when I open my project in full-screen presentation mode, I do not see the macOS menu bar at all (as I would expect):

Let’s try to get to the bottom of this. Can you first ensure you have installed the latest version (3.5.16) of Mockups 3:

Can you also let me know which version of macOS you are using and we can go from there, ok?


I just went through a bunch of settings on my mac, and it appears that if I turn on the auto-hide feature for the Menu Bar it will fix this problem.


Good to know @jessew - thanks for the update.

On the hot key issue, per the Keyboard Shortcuts help doc. the shortkeys for previous mockup is PAGE UP or fn++.

Can you try that and let me know if you have issues?


Yes, that works, but my problem is switching between separate Balsamiq project windows, not the mockups within a project. (⌘>) works for moving to the next window, but (⌘<) instead registers as (⌘,) and will show/hide the details pane in the current window.


Hi @jessew,

Sorry - I understand now. Would it work for you to use the macOS default key for cycling through windows in the same application: Cmd ⌘ ` (Command and backtick)?


Yes, that is a viable workaround.