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New User - Versions confusion


I’m struggling a bit with a demo. A bit ago, I saved a JSON file from a mockup. I had hoped to get into using Balsamiq regularly, so I started a demo account yesterday.

But the demo looks a bit different and doesn’t have a JSON import option. Looking around, it seems that my demo account is a different version than the other demo I saw? Did I miss something, or is there something I should be aware of?

I see The Help->About shows that it is running Version 3.2.4. I like the way it looks and works.

However, my new account brings me to a webapp that feels more clunky and doesn’t have the same features. The Help->About shows 2.3.4552

What am I missing?


Hi @Eric_Matthews,

Sorry for the confusion here!

You are right, our web version myBalsamiq is running a different version of the editor for now, which results in features being slightly different from this one

If you look into using the same version of the editor (including the JSON option), you can download Balsamiq Mockups 3 for desktop here: which comes with a 30 days free trial too.

In case you’ve created some mockups in myBalsamiq and want to move it to the desktop version, here is the way to proceed:

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you need any additional information. :smile:


Hi! I just have to say something about this problem too: yesterday I tried the demo version for 2 times (it works for an hour, right?), but it is really different from the web trial version which I’m using starting from today, but I think yestarday it was better! For two reason that I found: the huge number of symbols (yestarday I used the ‘star’ as a ‘favourite’ icon, but it there isn’t in the web version) and the ‘block of text’, which yestarday was editable but it doesn’t work today, and I think it was better becouse of the absence of visible lines in the box (now I’m using the ‘text area’ but I have to set white lines just becouse the background is white…there is no ‘invisible’ color). Than, I saw that yestarday the research box gave me the preview of the symbols I was looking for, but today it doesn’t happen. Maybe the desktop version is even better than the web version?
Thank you!


Sorry, about the text, I’ve found the ‘Some text’ feature :wink:


Hi @JoSolenskij,

Sorry for the confusion.

As I mentioned above, myBalsamiq uses a different version of the editor for now but we are working hard on bringing all the version 3 goodness to myBalsamiq. It’s a big project but we hope to have more news to share soon about it!

Regarding the points you mentioned:

  • The Star icon is actually available in myBalsamiq, as well as all the FontAwesome icon set. The only difference is that you will have to add an icon control before accessing its library, as show below:

  • We recently added the “Block of Text” control to myBalsamiq
  • You symbols should be accessible from the QuickAdd menu too, please let us know if that is not the case and we’ll dig deeper!

Hope this helps! :smile:


Thank you Virgin, everything’s Ok!