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No Bluetooth icon?


Minor request here - can we have a Bluetooth icon? Seems weird to have so many branded icons etc and not cover something as basic as BT!


Totally agree, Chris. And we are not the only folks who have noticed that it is missing:

The next time we have a big icon addition (as we did in July) we will definitely poke them to see what’s up. It really seems like a weird omission.


We did it, @Chris_Gatland!


Cool, thanks! How about an SD card and uSD icon next? :grinning:


Hey @Chris_Gatland,

These sound like good additions to the Font Awesome set too!

It looks like this has been requested here:
Feel free to add your vote there as it may help them to prioritize the request and get this one done faster.

Since we don’t control which ones get made directly, you may want to post any missing ones directly to their Github issues page. Let us know when you do, and we will +1 them! :smile: