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No option for New project, Save or Save As project


I haven’t used my Balsamiq Mockup software for a few months. Opened it today and it automatically opened the last project I used. Happens to be the one I want to edit. However, it won’t let me make any changes, won’t let me do a Save As or Save and won’t let me choose New Project. I downloaded the latest update (very minor increase in the release level) and seeing the same behavior. Any help on getting my application to start operating and get back into my project? Screenshot of the project menu attached as it exists as soon as I open Balsamiq. Using version 3.5.16 for Windows on Windows 10.



Hi @athelene and sorry for the hassle.

Is Mockups 3 for Desktop registered on your end or were you using the 30-day free trial?

Do you see any message at the bottom of the app?

In case you’re unable to register the app or if you need a trial extension, please reach out to and we’ll do our best to help!


Thank you for responding! I thought I had registered my installation. Turns out I had not! I’ve registered the product and I’m on my way. Thank you for the quick turn around.