No padding on the right side in first column (grid)


There ist no padding to the border with an alignment to the right.
Curiosly it only happens in the first column.


Hi @romulus68,

Hope you’re doing well. :slight_smile:

We are seeing this too, sorry for the hassle. I’ve shared the information with our dev team and we’ll get it fixed. Thanks for the report!


Any traction on this bug fix? Is there a work around? I’ve added spaces in the data (before the first comma) which works. But if you have a new line in your data it doesn’t apply spaces before the new line. For example, in a header if I have “Long \nHeader Name , Something, Something” It doesn’t add the double space after “Long”.


Let me give it a nudge, @mikesigs. I’ll see if we can get it into the next bug fix.


It’s not only the first column.
There’s no padding in the last cell of a row when not all columns are filled.



Thanks for the additional report, @romulus68.

Both issues will be fixed in the next major version of our tool! I’ve just checked in the new web version (currently in private beta). :slight_smile: