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No quick access to Symbols View

Hi, Wireframes has no quick way to switch between Symbols View & Wireframes View that I can see…and it’s very tedious when moving between the two to have to go to the View menu every time…Just a simple keyboard shortcut would suffice, or a button beside the navigator button.

This was a requested feature for Mockups 3 which I don’t think was ever implemented? - Feature Request Keyboard shortcut to "Symbols" - #7 by breon

Thanks for your help with this…

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Hey @KeithC,
While there isn’t any keyboard shortcut to switch between Symbols and Wireframes view, you can easily access symbols via UI library panel:

and via Quick Add control:

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Hi Alexey, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this doesn’t address what I need to do. I don’t want to create another instance of a symbol in a document, I just need quick access to the Symbols View for various reasons, but for instance to carry out a series of edits on more than one symbol without having to open up each symbol in Wireframe View each time, but needing to switch back & forth to Wireframe View for reference, viewing a symbol in place.

The simple addition of a keyboard shortcut would allow me to do this. I’m simply asking for quicker access to the Symbols View for the reason I stated, and other cases I can think of too.

Is there any possibility that a simple keyboard short can be added, I would think this would be fairly straight forward (I’d also request these be added for Assets & Trash views too; it’s actually difficult to understand why these have been omitted until now)?


Makes sense to me, @KeithC, and you aren’t the first person to ask for it.

I’ll give the story a little nudge. If other folks could use this, you can like my post, or reply below :slight_smile:


Great, thanks Brendan…

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Mockups 3 had a quick toolbar button to do this. It was a shame to see that disappear in BW. I didn’t need to show the UI library to do it either.

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Vote to implement this, and in general, implement more keyboard shortcuts. We chose Balsamiq because it works so fluently with the keyboard bindings (ex: hold T and drag a square to create…).

Unfortunately this logic is only extended to a very few select tools, and a few key menu functions are missing shortcut.

Simplest would be to allow user to define which shortcut (if any) should operate which function.

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