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No selectable text in Balsabiq Cloud!

I just noticed that there is no selectable text if I use Greek as a language. It works in English but all Greek text is copied as an image.

I bought Balsamiq desktop a few months ago only to realise there is no selectable text, and then proceeded to purchase Balsamiq Cloud just for the selectable text.

Please help, If I can’t create a PDF with Greek selectable text, I will have to enter all translations in a different document which will complicate things and take a couple of hours.

Hi @MjW and sorry for the hassle.

You’re right, Greek characters exported in a PDF cannot be selected there, unfortunately. The reason is that Greek is not in the font library for now.

I understand that it would be a huge improvement for your workflow and I’m filing a feature request so we can discuss it more with the team.

That being said, we don’t have any immediate solution for you so if you prefer to look for alternative tools, we totally understand.

If you feel like you would rather stop using our tool because of this, please reach out to and we’ll do our best to help with that part.