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Non-full screen presentation mode


Is there a way to enable presentation mode (with links being linked) without going full screen?

More often than not I need the rest of my screen (taskbar) while still presenting a Mockup with links.


Hi @AndreKR,

The presentation mode is available in full screen only.

I understand why you may need this non-full screen option and I’ve added this request to our internal tracker so we can review and consider it for the future.

If others would like to see this feature, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above) to help us prioritize this request.

For now if you need to navigate through your links without being in full screen presentation mode, you can use ALT+click on the little red arrow icons.

Thanks for your input. :wink:


The reason I would like to do this is because when I do a goto meeting I would like the mockup to fill the window so there is not a lot of white space in the window. Otherwise the people on the other end of the goto meeting see a lot of wasted space on the screen.


Would exporting your project to PDF work for you, @pottmi?

If not, let’s chat about how you would change Full-Screen mode to better fit your team’s needs. I’d be happy to pass any suggestions along to the dev team. :slight_smile:


Exporting to PDF is not a replacement because when I do the goto meeting I
am clicking on the mockup to show how the screens change. goto meeting
lets me select a single window to present. I would like the “Full Screen
Presentation” to just be a window that is no larger than it needs to be to
show the mockup. Then I will display that window to the remote users.

Right now when I go into full screen mode my mockup takes about 20% of the
screen. The rest of the screen is white. I am using a 28" monitor.

The stated reason you guys have chosen to use full screen is to eliminate
distractions on the screen. This is not an issue for me because goto
meeting has the ability to project one window.


Totally understand, @pottmi. Being able to zoom in the fullscreen mode is something we have been talking about recently. I’ll see where we stand on that :).

How large elements appear in fullscreen mode is based on their size and the size of your screen, so it may be possible to mitigate this issue somewhat by increasing their size.

I’m sorry for the hassle this is causing you and your team, @pottmi. We will definitely be talking about this issue. :slight_smile: