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Non-staff don't have site-asset access


Hi All,

I think this will be a mute point as there is a major release waiting for myBalsamiq. Just in case someone else stumbles upon this until then (or if the Balsamiq dev team want to keep an eye on this on the next release)

We made the mistake of using site-assets for our first major implementation. Now, 50 odd detailed mockups later using the same Symbols from the Site Assets over and over again… our clients can’t view it.

What I mean is, they can see the mockups but all symbols that came from Site Assets are error symbols saying the symbol can’t be found.

It’s quite a nuisance. For now, I think we can make our clients “Staff” members and they will be able to see it. However, I am a paranoid person around security, have done a lot of role based stuff and whether there is a functional difference or not, I just can’t put a non-staff person into a “Staff” category. So I sought a work around.

Copying and pasting the symbols to the project assets does not work.

I even went as far as doing the following (there might be easier ways):

  • Download the zip of the project you want to share
  • Change the name of the zip
  • Extract the zip file into a folder
  • Download the site assets you want to share
  • Copy them into the asset folder of the project folder you just created
  • Use Notepad++ to open up one of the BMML files
  • Do a “Find in Files” and find
    and replace with
    also choosing “Follow current doc.” but don’t select “In all sub-folders”. Then click “Replace in Files”
  • Zip up all the files in the folder and give it a name that you want the new project to take (no spaces)
  • Upload the zip file as a new mock up

If you give it a try, make sure you take backups and, well, I can’t guarantee this will work an it might break things. It worked for me.

As an aside, I think the balsamiq people have done an outstanding job keeping things simple. I think about 5% more in features will give it 100% more flexible usage, and in my opinion, that’s all that is needed (apart from the obvious refresh and catching up to the desktop version).

At the end of the day, we chose it because it is so simple. If that simplicity causes a few headaches and lessons learned like this one, then it’s worth it.



Hi all,

As a side affect, I’ve noticed that you lose all comments, alternative mockups and mockup notes.

Just to be aware of.



Hi Gary and sorry for the trouble with this!

You’re right, Site Assets cannot be viewed by non-staff member but the good news is that this issue won’t exist anymore in the next major version that we are preparing (already in private beta).

Here are two options that would solve this problem:

  1. Using the myBalsamiq Prototype View would allow anyone to see the Site Assets but they will not be able to comment there (unless they are members of the project).
  2. We could invite you to the private beta of our new web version that has a whole new workflow for sharing a project with your clients (I’m pretty sure you’ll like it!).

Please let me know what you think, we’ll do our best to help. :slight_smile:


Hi Virgin,

We would be happy to participate in a beta and are very interested in what features exist. We’re still quite new to Balsamiq (although we’ve used the desktop / google drive version for about a year on and off) but are really enjoying the speed of using it and exploring more and more of it for the business we do.




Excellent, @gary.thompson! Could you please join the waiting list here?

Can’t wait for you to try out our native version!