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Not able to find .bmml file


I am new to Balsamiq , created a very simple Mockup. However , when tried saving it , it was saved with .bmpr extension( no .bmml file).

Also, not able to find the auto created “assets” folder.

In order to reuse my mockup I need to import .bmml file of the mockup in “assets” folder of new mockup.

Please help and advice. Thanks…


.bmml is the old (V2) file format. You need the old mockups tool (not really recommended in my view).
.bmpr is the new (V3) file format. The asset folder is part of the (database) file.

All individual (old) .bmml files are within one .bmpr (new) project. This is easier to share with your co-workers (send by mail, save on a file share).

What are you missing in your workflow?