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[Not Bug] Dragging a Mockup Into a Project Multiple Times After Renaming

  1. Open up two projects A and B.
  2. Rename the mockup in project A to “foobar”
  3. Drag “foobar” mockup into project B
  4. Rename the newly copied mockup in project B to “barfoo”
  5. Drag “foobar” mockup from project A to project A again.

Expected Result
I’d expect the “foobar” mockup to be copied to project B again as it did in step 3.

Experience Result
Balsamiq asks if I want to skip or overwrite the existing mockup (the one renamed to “barfoo”).


OSX 10.11.4
Balsalmiq Mockup 3.4.4

Unable to drag existing mockup into new project twice

Hi @tyeh26,

Thanks for reaching out. :slight_smile:

This behavior is actually expected since the mockup’s ID does not change when you rename a mockup. This is also a good indication that a mockup has been copied over already.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you need anything else.


I imagined as much. Perhaps I’m using a suboptimal workflow. I created a bunch of mockup templates in a separate project and drag them into my current project to make changes to them.


One thing you could try, @tyeh26, is to duplicate the mockup first, and then copy it. It isn’t the best workaround, but it would allow you to copy it back to your template project without issue.