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Not sure how to use new aligned labels feature in 3.3.11


This is probably not worth its own forum post, but I’ve just installed 3.3.11 and I was excited to try out the “Automatic Positioning of Aligned Labels” feature.

However, I can’t figure out how it works! I’ve selected two label objects, and selected the “Align Right” button. After this I change the text in one of the labels, and it doesn’t automatically reposition itself to maintain alignment.

Could you provide step-by-step instructions so I can see this magic in action?


Hey @ahobday,

I’m wondering if the Align right button you used was the one from the property inspector (to right align text in the Label control) or the one from the control’s alignment properties (to define alignment for multiple controls).

Here’s a quick demo of the new feature:

Please let me know if you see any different behavior on your side, we’ll dig deeper! :slight_smile:


Ah, that makes sense! I was using the “Align Right” control to align multiple objects.

Now that I’ve tried it with the “Align Right” control for text (Shame that these two different controls have the same name, incidentally!), it works fine.

Since there are two “Align Right” controls for any text label, I suspect this sort of confusion might not be limited to me.