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Notes not exporting to mybalsamiq


I have exported a Mochup 3 Desktop project (Mac OS) for import into myBalsamiq (trial) but the notes are not showing up in the myBalsamiq web page. I have long and detailed notes I need to share. What’s the issue?


Hey again, @monsonhaefel

Mockup notes are one of the few things that don’t come with your Mockups 3 for Desktop export. I’m sorry about that.

This is one of the things that will be fixed when we release the next generation of myBalsamiq. We are hoping to have a closed beta of that later this year.

One thing you could do is transfer your notes to a “Note” control, and place it on the mockup somewhere. That would ensure that it came with to myBalsamiq.

I’m sorry for any issues this causes in the interim. It will be better soon!

Export project with mockup notes?

Ok. Thanks.