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Nudge by 10px broken in Cloud?


Slightly embarrassed it’s taken me so long to switch over to Cloud from Mockups 3 (I much prefer a full screen app I can cmd + tab to, but the speed improvements over the Air version has won me over.), but…

I’ve noticed the shift + arrow nudge in the Inspector panel (for size and position) by 10px doesn’t work like it does in Mockups 3. Video demo:

Is this a bug or what?



Hey Cory,

Being a many-years Balsamiq user, I’ve never knew about this feature.
My way of doing this is direct manipulation with CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + arrow shortcut, so I need no to use Inspector.

CTRL + ALT + arrow nudges by 1px
SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + arrow nudges by 10px

Hope, it helps :wink:

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Hm, that is handy. Thanks!

(On Mac, looks like it’s Cmd + Shift + Option + arrow.)



I put some more thought into how I use the resize-by-10 keyboard shortcut: To me, it’s easier than the Cmd + Shift + Option + arrow shortcut because the latter requires contorting the left hand to hit all three keys. And how they’re configured on the Mac, I feel like I have to look down at the keyboard to check I’m hitting them - it’s just not a natural combination.

To me, much simpler to just hold Shift and nudge the size input. Course, I realize it only expands in two of the four directions you might want, but it feels like it’s less of a cognitive load than switching between Cmd + Shift + Option and Cmd + Alt when you get close, plus thinking about which side you want to push out, and taking my eyes off the keyboard. (Or who knows, maybe I’ll adjust after a few more days!)

I became a designer because I don’t like to think, and this new workaround and keyboard shortcut is clearly a new exercise for the brain! :stuck_out_tongue: