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Number of Installations


Hello I’m potential customer and would like to know how many installations I can use on a single license. At home I’m using my Windows Desktop Machine to work, but on the road I’m using a Mac Laptop. I would only be using one or the other but never both at the same time.

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source 7/16/2017:

I Have Two Computers That I Personally Use. Do I Need to Purchase Two Licenses?

The license for Mockups 3 for Desktop is tied to the user, not a particular machine.

And if you have two different operating systems, that is ok too! Mockups 3 for Desktop runs on Windows and Mac via Adobe Air. System requirements can be found on our download page.

Install it on any machine you use regularly, and enjoy!


Yep! That’s how it works @QuinnZillian.

Licensing to computers makes things hard. We license to humans, so install it on however many machines you use regularly, my friend :slight_smile:


Hello Brendan,

I have 1 PC at work and my own laptop at home, running Windows 10. Can I install balsamiq desktop 3 to those 2 machines using the same license?



Yes @KatieNguyen! You can indeed, as detailed here.

Happy Wireframing! :slight_smile: