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Number of symbols warning - x2 and they are hard to dismiss

In version 4.1.6 on Mac OS, Balsamiq is showing a new too many symbols warning.

The same warning is shown twice:

And it is frustratingly difficult to dismiss. If I was able to add a video here you would see that it takes multiple clicks before the warnings are dismissed. (I can send through if required.). It appears the click target is either very small or there is a significant delay before it dismisses.

Could we:

  1. Not show duplicate warnings
  2. Make it easy to dismiss the warnings
  3. Auto hide warnings after 30 seconds

Sadly, there’s not much I can do about the number of symbols I have. And since each project is built from the same starting project they all hit this limit.

Hi @paulshoughton,

Sorry for the hassle, we recently added those warnings for projects that we think are very large and might face some performance issues.

  1. That being said, you shouldn’t see this warning twice indeed so we’ll work on fixing this.
  2. About dismissing the warnings, would it be possible to share a quick screencast of the issue via Is the issue specific to a project?
  3. I’ll add your feature request about hiding the warnings so that we can discuss it more with the team.

On a side note, we might also raise the threshold if needed. How many symbols are you using in this project? Do you notice any slowness issues?

Thanks for your report, as always!

Hi @Virgin,

I have emailed the short video file through. Hopefully that clarifies the situation.

My project has ~ 160 symbols in it. Performance on my 2019 MacBook Pro doesn’t seem too bad but I’ve been working and growing this symbol set for 5+ years so perhaps I’ve grown used to it. (The release of v4 made a useful difference to performance.)

Thanks, Paul…

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