Object border width


I generally create quite high fidelity mockups for my users to get a good idea what the final UI will look like. I am trying to create a UI with Windows 10-like styling. In the example below, I have textboxes and dropdowns with a two pixel border. To get the fidelity I require I am carefully positioning additional rectangles to extend the border.

What would be really useful if there could be a border thickness control so I could quickly set to 2 pixels.


Hi @brzsw,

Thanks for sharing your need for this. I’ve added your vote to this request and we’ll continue to discuss it with the team. Please keep your ideas coming! :slight_smile:


Motion seconded. I’d love to see this be a feature for simple objects!

It would be fantastic to manipulate the border width of standard balsamiq objects like rectangles. I’m trying to mimic the minimize, maximize, and close window controls for a windows app. It doesn’t look right when it’s more than 1-2 pixels. Was hoping not to import a screenshot for simple shapes like two overlapping rectangles.

Your software is fantastic. Please keep up the good work!