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Occasionally have to press ENTER twice to confirm the text on a Button


I can reproduce it quickly, but not the same way every time. I typically quick-add a button, change color, font size, and boldness. Eventually, editing it starts requiring 2 presses of ENTER to submit the new text. This is not brand new to this latest version, it occurred before widgets could change their type (eg: label to text, etc…) Cheers!


Hey @pswulius,

Sorry you’ve hit this snag!

I wasn’t able to reproduce it here but I feel like we’ve seen this one already. I guess the first ENTER would add a line then, right?

I added your comment in our internal tool so the dev team will have a look and see if we can reproduce and get rid of this inconsistent one. In case you come across steps that reproduce it systematically, please let us know! Thanks for the report.


I think I may have determined how to reproduce it! It may be a timing issue, from how quickly you enter the text, then hit ENTER. If you go slowly, it seems to work as intended, but do it really fast, and you get the new line.


  1. Press F2
  2. Type characters
  3. Press ENTER

If the time between 2 & 3 is extremely short, the problem emerges.