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Old license but I only can download the new one

I have a license for an old version, how can I install and use that old version?

Hi @Jorge_Alberto_Martin,

Thanks for the message and sorry that this is not clearer. There’s a download link to Mockups 3 for Desktop on the desktop download page but it is a little hidden in the text:

Here’s a direct link too: Mockups 3 for Desktop installers

Let us know if you need anything else, ok?

So I can’t recover my old vesion? I need to pay for the new version with a disscount?

Sorry @Jorge_Alberto_Martin - you definitely do not need to pay if you’d like to continue using Mockups 3.

If you click the direct link I put in my previous post, you can download the older version of the desktop app - Mockups 3 for Desktop.

If you don’t have your license details, you can recover those here: Lost your Balsamiq License Key?

Sorry I didn’t read well the first answer Thaks!

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