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Old license with Mockups 3 does not "see" alternate versions


Hi everyone,
I’m using Mockups for Desktop, I have updated to version 3 and I am observing a disturbing behavior: I have a project that was already created with Mockups 3. The project contains alternate versions of several pages. When I open the project in Mockups 3 with the old license, the alternate versions in the project are not visible. When I download Mockups 3 to a computer without a Mockups license, and open the same project in the trial version, the alternate versions are visible.

Does the old license (prior to version 3) really supports alternate versions?

Please advise.

take care


It seems that the problem is solved by updating Mockups 3 to the latest version (3.1.1).


Hi, Pattricia. Yes, if you want to use alternate versions, all of your machines running Mockups will have to be using 3.1.x or later going forward. Alternates will not work in Mockups prior to 3.1.