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On Mac OSX, the "Window" menu requires 2 levels of hierarchy to select a project


On Mac OSX, to choose a project the user must select:

  • MenuBar -> Window -> Go To Project -> Project Name

This is unlike the standard patterns in other applications. To borrow the Outlook Metaphor, the same workflow would be:

  • MenuBar -> Window -> Project Name

See the 2 attached images for details.



Hi Colin,
Good suggestion. I’ll put it in our queue to review. I think we probably borrowed that pattern from the Go To Mockup option, which can contain a very long list. But, I’m guessing that most people have a relatively small number of projects open at once, so it probably shouldn’t ever get too long.

  • Leon


Hi again Colin,
I did a little more research and it turns out there’s a technical limitation that prevents us from doing this. We spent a lot of time trying to get around it with no luck. Sorry about that.

  • Leon