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On shortcut keys


Happy user of BM3.3 super upgrade with new arrows.

I have a question about shortcut keys. I like to take the hands away from keyboard as little as possible. Have a few notes on shortcuts:

  • Some shortcuts seem to not work on non-english keyboards. Example: Ctrl-;
    They “;” is shift-comma on my keyboard. The key for the same function is “^¨~” . Would it be possible to reconfigure shortcuts for user ?
  • To name mockup screens I have to click the name and enter something. Could there be a shortcut to rename mockup no matter where I am ?

And finally a bonus question: a way to set default icon size ? Seems to always revert to “L” (48x48), but my current project requies “XL”. Not a major, but just wondering… since you can make that setting in icon lib. But it’s not used.

Thanks for providing great software


Hi @hsatech,

Glad to hear that you seem like the new arrows! :smile:

  • I totally understand your need here. I added the request in our internal tracker so we can consider it with the team once we will go native

  • There is actually an existing keyboard shortcut for renaming a mockup: CTRL+ALT+R (or CMD+ALT+R on Mac). You can find the whole list here if needed:

  • Bonus question: You’re right, the icon default size is L. If you need to use the same size (XL in this case) for multiple Icons in the same mockup/project, I would suggest to either:
    -use the duplicate keyboard shortcut (CTRL+D or CMD+D on Mac) or copy/paste if using it across multiple mockups. Then you will only need to change the icon used.
    -add all your icons, select them all and change the size for all at once as shown below

Hope this helps! Thanks for all your feedback recently, it’s always super helpful for us!