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On your fullscreen settings, the coloring scheme you are usign to show selection is counter intuitive


Hi Guys,

Please update the full screen settings menu to change the color scheme you are using to show which on / off selection is active. Right now the gray color is used to show that ON or OFF is flagged. When you couple that with a gray slightly transparent background, the visual indication is that the non-gray item is highlighted.

Imagine we are in a dark room and I shine a flashlight on the door knob and ask you which door control is currently active. Wouldn’t your intuition be that It was the glowing door knob? and not the darkened lock next to it?


Hi, @phillipbligh. Thanks for observations. The buttons in the settings panel, and through the application, are styled to appear like buttons in the physical world. a button on a segmented buttonbar would be slightly in shadow when depressed. This style is consistent through the app, by the way. Buttons depressed in the inspector are in slight shadow in the down or pressed state. You might also notice an inner shadow on the pressed button that’s not there on the up buttons.

To take your example, if there were a buttonbar on a wall, and you shined a flashlight on the buttons from an angle, the depressed button would be slightly darker.

In future versions, we may revisit restyling state changes in the app, and we would certainly consider making the selected color more prominent if many others don’t find the design to mimic physical affordances clear.


Hi Mike,

Wow ,Your team responds so quickly it’s like we are in the same room!

I can appreciate being consistent in your application design it’s always confusing to have a bunch of one-off behaviors on various controls.

When I look at the following image, this image indicates to me that “Link Hints (l)” is on, but it is not on its is off.

Unfortunately, do to the color of the button and the background, the details that are supposed to be there are washed out and not very indicative of a depressed button.

The reason it looks like it is on is because the background and the off button share a similar color which creates less contrast. The visuals here remind me of a modal dialog rather than a toggle control.

Thank you for considering my feedback.


Thanks for the added feedback, @phillipbligh! I’ll bring this up with the team to see if we can make some improvements there.


Hi @phillipbligh,

Great news! We just released our latest official version (3.3.1) including an improvement to the look of the ON / OFF switches in Full Screen Presentation Mode.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback on this! :smile:

You can get the new version (3.3.1) here:

And the complete release notes are here: