Open symbol view in Wireframes 4.6.2


I installed Wireframes 4.6.2 and am missing the project symbols view. I find it, if I edit an existing symbol, but I’m missing the symbols view in the view menu. Can you please bring it back?

I guess, this was a mistake on your side? :o)

Hi @andi and thanks for the post,

You can read the background in the most recent issue of our newsletter here: It’s pruning season at Balsamiq

In short, we did a little tidying up of the UI of the app. You can now access your Symbols via the Edit menu: Edit > Edit Project Symbols

You can also find the link to the Trash on that same menu.

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other issues or questions.

Who reads release notes? :o)

I don’t understand the logic in the change, but it’s your product and you decide. Thanks for the info.

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I’m glad I found this forum post. I was stuck wondering how to get to the symbols view.

Out of interest, why are assets treated differently from symbols? They feel like two closely related concepts that you’d find in the same area.

Symbols are more of a power user feature, Paul - that’s why they aren’t as front and center as assets.

However, we are playing with some wild redesigns of the UI Library as a whole, so things are still a-changing. :slight_smile: