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Opening multiple windows on the same project?


Hi. I am occasional Balsamiq user and have just switched to Version 3. I haven’t been following the discussions here but a quick search would indicate that nobody has asked this question: can I multiple windows on the same project file.

It doesn’t appear to be possible. I seem to remember that it was a feature request for V2 and would definitely find it useful so a bit disappointed to find that it hasn’t been implemented in V3.

Haven’t used it enough yet to comment on the overall experience, although I would definitely vote for a folder structure in the project.which I see somebody else has asked for.

Glad that the floating property inspector has gone - never really got used to it.



Hey Richard, welcome! Thanks for checking around—you are correct that this was not implemented in B3. Our first priority was getting different projects to open at the same time, so that you can drag things back and forth for easier importing.

I’m curious—what would you use this for? You mention that you would definitely find it useful, and we’d love to know what you want it to accomplish. Opening the same project multiple times is a solution, and we want to make sure we understand the problems it would solve. They might be better solved in a different way! Thanks.


The immediate thing that had wanted to do was compare two versions of the same mockup side by side so that I could see what the differences were. These were files that I had imported into a project and I wasn’t sure which was the latest version. But I can see myself wanting to have two variants of the same mockup on the same screen at the same time so that I could talk through the different approaches with a group of users and various other things

With regard to opening more than one project, I had a bit of a play with that as I wasn’t sure how one could move a mockup from one project to another. Is the only way to start a second instance of Balsamiq to go back to the Windows menu and start it from there?



Thanks for that info! One thing you could do to start a second instance is Project > Open. Or Project > New Project. Either one would open another project window for you. Cheers!


“What would you use this for?” - The need seems so apparent for me, so possibly I"m missing something.

I’m designing (my first) Web site. So each mockup is a Web page. There’s a flow in the site - the user goes from page A to page B to page C - so I want to see the context. When I’m working on page B I want to be able to see both pages A and C. Or when I’m working on page C I want to see both pages A and B.

Again, this seems so trivial for me, especially on my multi-monitor setup, that your request for clarification of this issue worries me that possibly there’s an easy way to do this and I’m missing it :frowning:


Makes sense to me @Avi_Nahir. We will talk it over and see if there is something we could be doing better here.

In the interim, would using exported PNGs work? You could export the 2 mockups you aren’t working on, and then use those to compare with the one you are working on.


Any developments with this? Have been away and not using Balsamiq but now back and still find I want to be able to do this. My current scenario is that that I have a mockup that I want to copy and then use as the basis for a new and different piece of functionality. In doing this, I may want to tweak/adjust the original as well - ie I want to be able to work on the new mockup and the original mockup at the same time.


Hi @rcollings,

Thanks for checking on this one. We didn’t implement it yet but we’ll discuss it more with the team.

In the meantime, have you tried to make a copy of your project (using save as) and work with both opened at the same time? Hopefully, that can be a useful workaround for you. Let us know if you need anything else.