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Option for "larger/bolder/heavier" style for kiosks?


The application which we are mocking up is a kiosk style touchscreen application. The default style of all of the controls (buttons, menus, etc) are all very small pixelwise. We were looking to do the screen canvas as the actual device screen size (2160x1440) and when we pull out any of the stock controls they are all relatively tiny.

Is there anyway to “globally” change them to a larger size? and have the line weight of the sketch skin render lines more like a crayon?

We can make a palette of Symbols and use those, but it seems a shame to not be able to use all of the built in controls.

Any ideas?


Hey @JohnVolkar, sorry for the trouble. You are correct—we don’t support this kind of thing well right now. The real purpose of our tool (in our minds at least!) is to make it easy and quick to visually throw out ideas. The goal is that you would use the tool because it’s fast and cheap to make a bunch of options for your design, and then decide which direction to go, and then start investing more time into flushing it out. Our feature set is just not optimized for trying to do actual visual design.

I realize that what you’re describing is kind of borderline, because it sounds like you want sketchy wireframes, just larger. I think your best bet is going to be to create a set of symbols. One thing that you can do that could help a little bit is to increase the default font size of the project. Read more about that here: Hope that helps a little bit at least. Good luck with your app!