[Option to disable Autosave IMPLEMENTED] New Feature: everything is always Auto-Saved


HI there, wanted to check on the status of the snapshots feature. I looked through release notes and haven’t seen mention of it (although I have seen lots of other cool features so I know y’all are hard at work :slight_smile: )


Hey @HeatherBauer, sorry for the lack of updates here.

We had been planning on snapshots for Mockups 3.4, but it may be pushed back to 3.5 - we want it to be perfect. We know this is a pain point and I’m sorry we haven’t released it yet.

But it is coming!


PLEASE PLEASE allow us to turn off auto save. This is essential. The rest is nice to haves.

I’m losing work because of application errors, undo not working and the result being auto saved.

I love Balsamiq, but this is ruining the friendship.


Hi all,

I just told @ladidida on the side but wanted to share it with everyone here:

After discussing it for a while, trying to balance the pros and cons, we have decided to work on allowing autosave to be turned off if needed. Actually, we already started to work on it. We will let you all know as soon as we release it, stay tuned! :slight_smile:


This handy feature just caused me to loose 3 hours work. Great.

Scenario: Created a whole load of pages for one section of my application. Saved.
Then I removed many of the pages specific to a that section, and did a ‘save as’ to create a starting point for creating pages for another section of application.

In the process, balsamiq ‘saved’ my actions of deleting the pages, and now i have no way of getting them back. The ‘undo’ history is gone. So basically nothing is ‘safe’, if you work on something for a bit, decide it’s not right and close it, you cannot get back to your last saved version.


Hi @Jonathan_Shutt,

Sorry for the misleading experience. As I mentioned above, we are getting close to offering the option to turn off the autosave feature when needed.

Regarding your file, are you using a recent version of our tool?
We recently added a new backup system for all projects locally to an internal folder (starting with version 3.2.1). Here is the way to access the local store folder where these backups stay. There is a good chance to find a version of your project that has the needed elements.

Sorry again for the hassle with this. Please let us know if you need any additional instructions to find the desired version of your file, we’re here to help!


Hey All,

I’ve put up a thread with details on our manual saving beta. Help us test! :slight_smile:


Just lost 1 hour of work due to no “revert to a previous version”. I had overwritten all the text in a symbol I made. Then went back to change something in the symbol and BAM! all my text was lost. I didn’t save but closed balsamiq, which in turn saved and my text was lost… :frowning:


Sorry for the hassle with this @dotnetCarpenter,

As mentioned above, we added a new backup system in version 3.2.1 for all projects locally to an internal folder. Are you using a recent version of the tool? Here is the way to access the local store folder where these backups stay, there’s a good chance that your text is in there.

Also, we just released a beta including the ability to turn off autosave if needed. More details on this thread.

Let us know if you need any further help with this.


@Virgin thanks. I’m putting my files in git now. If I could run an abritary shell command with access to a variable with the file name, I could setup git add {fileName} git commit -m "autosave balsamiq". That would be a convenient workflow.
But I’ll take a look at the backup next time before pushing your guys for the feature.


@dotnetCarpenter Also, I forgot to mention that we introduced a “revert to a previous version” when you disable the autosave. It’s the “Reload from Disk” option in the Project menu.

You can grab the latest beta version here.

Just the usual word of caution here: as this is a pre-release version, we don’t recommend using it on mission-critical work. The next official version will include these new features.


Hi friends!

Some of you might have tried the latest beta already, but I wanted to let you all know that we just released our latest official version (3.4.1) including the option to turn off autosave!

Thanks again for all the contributions to this thread and special thanks to those who helped us testing this important new feature! :slight_smile:

Note: this doesn’t affect the automatic saving we do on a local backup file, so if your computer crashes, you’ll still recover every change. The option only turns off the automatic saving to the original file.

The new version (3.4.1) is available here.
And the complete release notes are here if needed.


Many months ago I installed V3 and almost immediately removed it form my laptop due to the auto-save feature. Just the other day I thought I’d visit Balsamiq and see if anything was done about this, and got excited to see this new optional auto-save feature. Yesterday I installed the current V3.x and today removed it again.

Why? Because although I can enable/disable the auto-save, it’s for the ENTIRE PROJECT! Not for individual mockups. So, in the past I could work on numerous mockups and then occasionally save certain ones where I wanted the changes, but not others where I don’t. I simply don’t realize why this is such a hard concept to understand and why Balsamiq doesn’t provide basic Save functionality (almost) any/every other app I’ve used for 30+ years provides, and even Balsamiq used to provide. Yes, I see the benefit to Projects and wish I could use it. But I simply refuse to be forced into an all-or-nothing save mode.

I guess I’ll check back in a year to again see if anything has improved on this. I really like Balsamiq and obviously won’t switch (as long as I can keep using my old V2.x).


BTW - above I’m specifically addressing the auto-save to the same file name, not the local ‘backup’ copies. Maybe some of today’s generation of devs requires an auto-nanny to save their work, but we have enough auto-nannies in our world everywhere we go - I detest them when I’m in front of a computer. Please leave me alone and let me work how I choose to (which I will continue to do with Balsamiq - on V2.x possibly for many years to come).


Hi @gsf,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this feature.

While the concept of projects can be very handy for some users, I can totally understand that having separate files for each mockup suits your workflow better. I agree that using version 2 seems to be the best solution for you right now (no plans for discontinuing the tool, no worries) and you could also use Mockups 3 with one mockup per project if you want to try out the new features.

We’re here to help if you need anything else, thanks again for your input! :slight_smile:


For cases where AutoSave slows things down too much, is it possible to add a setting that will Auto Save every 1 hour?


The secret here, Ryan, is that Mockups is always autosaving, even with Autosaving disabled.

Disabling autosave disables writing to the external file, but Mockups is still saving every change to the internal backup.

It’s Schrodinger’s Autosave. :slight_smile:


That’s a secret that I am familiar with, but the request is for the need of remembering to save to a location that I can access from home to continue work on the same file.


Ahh, that makes sense.

I’ll pass it along to the team to discuss. :slight_smile: