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Organize Symbols

Hi - is there a method of ordering the symbols? I have created a number of header & footer variations that I would like to order appropriately. It appears as though the symbols are automatically sorting alphabetically.
Thank you.

Hi @Doug,

Thanks for the post. As you’re finding, Symbols are sorted alphabetically by default and there’s no current mechanism for changing that.

But you could work round it manually by naming your Symbols with leading numbers like this:

01. Header bar
02. Footer bar
03. Social sharing group

Don’t forget to use 0 for the single digits because 10 comes before 9 alphabetically. You can also use this notation too:

01. Header bar
02. Footer bar main
02.1 Footer bar - product pages
02.2 Footer bar - company pages
03. Social sharing group

Hope you can make that work?

Hi Alasdair, good suggestion! I had thought it would work just like mockups. Thank you.

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