Overlaying list symbols

I have a situation where I’m using a list under a menu bar link to show links to a dozen or so other pages. Since each link would open another page, how do I display the list on THAT page, or any other page for that matter, without creating duplicate MU’s.

Allow me to explain…
-I have added the same menu bar to all the pages.
-One link of that bar is to a blank page that shows the list.
-Each time a link is clicked from that list, a new page opens which has the same menu bar.
-When the menu bar link is clicked, the blank page with the list is shown again and so on and so on…

The boss doesn’t want to see the blank page with the list every time the specific link in the menu bar is clicked but instead wants it to open from each page, having the list overlay the current page.

Is this possible and if so, how?

Oh boy, I think I found out what I was doing wrong.

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Nope still have the problem…

Hi, @Michael_Paparo Are you familiar with the Symbols feature? The idea with Symbols is that you will be able to create re-usable objects. So if you were to convert that list to a symbol, you can place an instance of it on each Mockup.

You can find more info about Symbols here:

Yes, I have about 40 of them so far.

What I want to do is have that symbol appear from the menu bar, overlaying the screen the user is on.

I can’t assign a symbol as a choice for the menu bar button. I can only assign a page with the symbol on it and doing so covers the existing page - not what I want.

Understand what I mean?

Ahh, I see what you are saying, Michael. Sorry for the confusion with that.

Here is what I am thinking, and let me know if I’m on the right track.

  1. Duplicate the page with all the elements and menu bar on it. We will call this page DupePage for clarity
  2. On DupePage, place the symbol list in the place you want it to appear. Link the appropriate button back to the original page.
  3. On the original page, link the button you want to show the symbol to the DupePage.

Is that the effect you are going for, my friend? Let me know!

I’ve included a demo BMPR to illustrate better what I mean.

For Michael.bmpr (42 KB)

Yes Brendan, that is the effect I was trying to achieve but without all the extra screens. There are 15 selections on the menu displayed from the button of the button bar meaning I would have an additional 15 screens (dups) with the menu on them.

Then when they wanted to change something on one of the screens that had a dupe… it would just be more work.

I was hoping for a more friendly approach like being able to use a symbol as a link (hint, hint) when creating the button bar so I could avoid the dup screens or have a transparent page that I could put the symbol on and then link that to the button so it overlaid the other page.