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Overseas developer recommendations


I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on web/app development companies that they could recommend?

I am a start up so looking for an affordable option to create a MVP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi @davidibrahim,

Welcome to the forums!

Hopefully the community can come up with some recommendations for you. You might also find this useful: Do You Know Anyone Who Could Help Us Wireframe Our Website/Product?

Shrine Development out of Michigan:

They have a package specifically for people like yourself - idea, pre-funding - then they can assist if your idea goes further! Ask for Doug and tell him I sent you!

Hi David, not sure if the timing will work but we might be able to help. I’m assuming your product is an information based system, ie. a natural fit for Balsamiq Mockups.

We are in final testing of a cloud-based product that enables you to upload a Balasamiq Mockups project and generate a prototype (including database) ready for immediate use on any relevant device with access to the internet (desktop, pads, phones etc). The prototype can be accessed by anyone, anywhere without any registrations or payments. You can limit access to your project to stakeholders etc.

The prototype can then be progressively tweaked to deliver a complex application including all of the functionality suggested by Balsamiq Mockups wireframes.

The underlying engine of the system has been proven in delivering solutions for large enterprises with thousands of users. We’re now focused on delivery of a self-service system to the multitudes. We plan to move to an early-user program in June/July 2019. We will be looking for Balsamiq Mockups projects from a variety of sources that we can monitor in a controlled environment. There will be no charge for development of the application and our support. Each early user will be able to run their deployed product for no charge for a period of six months. Any charges after that will be low; we think lower than any alternative.

There’s no risk and no cost to participate. You own all of your project assets and can walk away at any time. Turn-around for each participant will be fast. In most cases we expect an initial prototype to be available in the first day.

Let me know if you have any interest.

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I sent you a PM regarding the prototype. I am very interested. Please contact me if whenever you are available.

Thanks again