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Packaging a presentation for distribution


Is it possible to package a series of mockups so I can email or pass them on to someone else doing the presentation, so that they function just like full screen mode would?

I’m using Mockups 3 for desktop.



Hey Michael :smile:

I think the easiest way would be to have the person download the trial of Mockups 3 for Desktop (from and then send them the BMPR file.

There is also the PDF option, but I think sharing the BMPR is the best bet here. Even when the trial expires, they can still use Mockups 3 for Desktop as a BMPR viewer.

Were you also going to create a new project for them, using the mockups you have already made?


I think you misunderstood, I should have given more detail…

I created 50+ mockups for an application (basic screens with buttons for edit, delete, add, etc. Each button goes to another screen, and then subsequent screens dependent on what is done on each.) I thought I would be the one doing the presentation but have discovered that I might not be so, I was asked about putting my creations on a network drive so that the one doing the presentation could just go to them and have whomever is the receiver of the presentation open them…

I think we may have covered this in the past but I’m not sure.



I’m sorry Michael, I think I follow you now.

You basically just want to share this project with anyone, and they can click through it like you do in Presentation mode? Is that right?

Try exporting it to PDF. PDFs will preserve all those links, and allow anyone with a modern PDF reader to click through your mockup. To export to PDF click Project > Export to PDF.

Let me know if this answer was more what you were looking for.


Yeah, that’ll do the trick but it’s still a PDF.

No way to make it look all nice and neat like a full screen presentation, right?


Not unless they want to install Mockups 3 themselves, unfortunately. I’m sorry about that Michael.

Things will get better when we go Native. Flash doesn’t support SVG files, so hi-res PDF exports are really hard right now. But they will be easier when we get away from Flash.

I’m sorry we don’t have a better solution right now. But we are working super hard to get one!


Any movement on this much needed improvement?

Waiting Patiently.


Nothing yet, Michael. I’m sorry about that, my friend.

The native version will have nice, high-quality PDF exports, but the native viewer is still on the back burner for right now. As with a lot of things, we are focusing on the native version of the app.

Once that is done, we can look at stuff like this again. :slight_smile: