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Page update notifications?


Forgive me if this is really obvious, but is there an option to be notified when a particular page in a project is updated? We have a number of developers working on the same project with our creative team, assigned to up to a dozen pages each, and it would be nice if there was some way to signal them (inside the app) when updates are ready for review or other actions.

So…how do you do that?




Hi @cmorgan,

Thanks for the post and the great question. The notifications feature was recently added to Balsamiq Cloud and the current functionality is the first phase of the feature. So, for now, it’s not possible for individual wireframe updates to trigger a notification. As the feature evolves, we’ll be adding more events as triggers.

Not ideal but that’s where we are today, Cynthia.

The current feature allows you to ‘@-mention’ so you could create a flow yourself by having editors add a comment when they’re ready for somebody else to review. It’s a workaround but maybe you can make that work?