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Parent child hierarchy does not work on pdf

Hello Balsamiq Team,

I create some files(childrens) under a parent file. It work fine on Balsamiq Mockups. But when I export this project to PDF, after complete the PDF I can’t see child files under the parent.

Balsamiq Mockups Files:

PDF Files:

Please guide me, how can I fix this project.

Best Regards

Hi there @alamin_php and welcome to the forum,

We also received your question by email and have responded directly to that message. All the best!

But I can’t find any solution for my problem. Can you please guide me for this ?

Hello again @alamin_php,

It looks like this issue may be a function of the specific reader/viewer you’re using. I just responded to your email with some more detail and a request for more information. Let’s pick up the discussion in that email?

Thank you so much for your response. Now I’m checking my email.

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