Paste feature stopped working


The copy and paste function stopped working. I cannot copy and paste from within the same mockup page. I have tried exiting and reloading the page. I have also tried using the Menu selections (instead of the keyboard shortcuts, but I just get a message telling me to use the command V shortcut. This was working fine for me last week.


Really sorry for the trouble here, Justin.

This is related to a bug that Google introduced into their Chrome browser last week. While it is now fixed in their nightly build, we aren’t sure when that fix will make it to the release build.

We are testing a workaround for the bug now. If all goes well, and it doesn’t break anything in other browsers, we should be able to release it this week. Keep an eye on this thread for updates.

Until the workaround is released, if you open Balsamiq Cloud in a different browser, copy/paste should work again. But please let us know if that’s not the case.

I’m sorry again for any hassle this causes you. We are hoping that our workaround will work until Google fixes the issue.


Hi Brendan

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Thanks for the update and helpful information.



I am working on Safari and here also copy and pate version for Google Drive is not working? Do we have any solution ?


Sorry about that @SandeepUX. I’ve just replied to your original post here and we’ll do our best to help!