Paste from the clipboard


Is there a way to paste something from the clipboard to a mockup? For example, I want to paste an image into the mockup I work with. Drag-and-drop doesn’t work (I use Chrome), Ctrl+V doesn’t work either.

It should be a very simple functionality, but I wasn’t able to find it.


Hi @Askorbinka,

For now, there is no possibility of for us to implement this in myBalsamiq as this hits a Flash Player limitation.

I definitely agree on this would be a very useful feature, I added your comment in our internal tracker so we can further discuss it internally.

For now, the way to import images in myBalsamiq requires that you first import it as a site asset or project asset:

On a side note, we are working hard on going native, which should help with such limitations. We hope to have more news on this on this soon. :wink:

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Is there an update on this feature request?
My workflow very often involves taking screenshots using FastStone Capture and I’d like to paste them into a mockup without previously having to save them to disk and then importing them as an asset (I’m using MyBalsamiq) - I love Confluence for having this feature.

Hi again @Ole,

This should be much easier in the upcoming native version that we are preparing since drag/drop will work there. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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any update on this.?. I cannot paste… has this been fixed? a cannot renew kind of issue

Hey @Simon_Vining,

The security settings of Flash Player did not change regarding this topic.

I would say give our new Balsamiq Cloud a try where you can drag and drop an image from the file system and copy and paste from other applications. For pasting please use the keyboard shortcut, otherwise the browser will block the paste operation and we show you a little pop up with the shortcut :wink: