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Pasting from Mac clipboard (screencapture) doesn't work


Command-Control-Shift-4 in Mac stores the output into a clipboard.
Pasting in apps like new mail, word, etc…works fine.
Pasting in Balsamiq Mockup (Version: 3.5.16 - 08/06/2018 06:07) doesn’t work.
It pastes the previously copied item from Balsamiq (and not from Mac clipboard).
Has anyone else ran into this?


Hi @Aras_Kannu,

Thanks for the post and sorry for the annoyance here. I did a first pass test of this using 3.5.16 on macOS 10.14.1 (Mojave) and it’s working correctly for me - the clipboard image is pasted into the Mockups 3 editor as expected.

It’s possible the underlying framework (Adobe Air) has simply got confused. Can you try exiting and restarting the app and let me know if the paste works after the app has been restarted?

It may be a workaround you can use - if you use SHIFT4 (i.e. omit the CONTROL) key, the image will be saved as a PNG file in your default download folder. You can then add it as an image asset and add it to your wireframes that way. Is that a viable workaround or too much of an inconvenience?


Hi @alasdair
Thanks. That’s what happened. Retstarting the app fixed it. Thanks


Just fyi. I am having to restart often. Not a big deal though.


Hey @Aras_Kannu,

Thanks for the update. I know it’s super frustrating but I’m hoping that the restarts are bearable for now.

The issue will be resolved once and for all when we ship our new, native desktop apps and leave the Air framework behind forever. I tested the screengrab paste in the current test version of the app and it’s working perfectly.

If you would like me to add your name to the list of testers, I’d be happy to do that - just let me know.