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PDF creation options


Well, all you do is never enough, I’ve found.

Since Balsamiq cannot be distributed in some form of a presentation, to those who do not have it installed, but are the ones doing the presentation, you offer a PDF creation option - fantastic, I think.

However, the only way that someone who didn’t create the screens and doesn’t know the links can navigate the 60+ pdf pages, is to look very closely at the pages, looking for a miniscule gray arrow on the lower right that indicates where to click next.

Is there any possible way to change the color of this tiny arrow so it stands out more and/or make it bigger?

Apparently some people have trouble seeing this from their seat at a conference table 10+ feet away and it’s not a good thing not knowing what to do next during a presentation.

Mike P.


Hey Michael!

Totally understand the issue here. Unfortunately, our hands are tied because those little arrows are a part of the PDF standard.

That being said, if you choose to “Optimize for viewing on Screen” in the export options, Link Hints will be highlighted, rather than having arrows.

Let me know if that works better for you, my friend. :slight_smile:


Ah ha, perfect.

I saw that option but it didn’t ‘sound’ like what I wanted.

Thank you.